Mira! It's 2022, and yet feels like deja vu. Las Pochas go down the TikTok rabbit hole of the No Sabo Kid plus they talk about Disney's Encanto and kicking resolutions for kicking off good habits. 

Las Pochas are closing out 2021 with wine and wiri wiri! Las Pochas are joined by author of Awakened Woman, Yvette Bodden, about her personal journey and the path to help and inspire women.  

It's the end of 2021 and Las Pochas wrap up the year with a look at the life of Chente from the intersection of fandom and reality. Plus Las Pochas bookclub it and try a TikTok trend For Your Page. 

In the November wiri wiri, Las Pochas revisit their conversation with Sofía Segovia, author of the Pocha Pick novel, The Murmur of Bees, and newly translated novel Tears of Amber. Join Las Pochas for this best of wiri wiri!  

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... Buying awesome holiday gifts from BIPOC owned/operated companies or products!!! Las Pochas dive into the list a little earlier so you can get the shipping and shopping wrapped up. 

It's Halloween season, but in this month's wiri wiri, Las Pochas ponder: what else are you afraid of? Join Las Pochas to unravel the rational and irrational side of what scares us. 

October means two things: a Pocha birthday and spookiness. This episodio Las Pochas talk about doing away with Christopher Columbus and dive into what a 90s hangover is. Plus a Pocha bonus: a ghost story original. 

Self care in The Bronx? Why not! For the September bonus content, Las Pochas wiri wiri about self care, running late and ironing. Trust us, it's all related. Join Las Pochas at a coffee shop in NYC complete with a rogue bee. 

Mom-coms and house buying - this month Las Pochas talk the big A: adulting. Plus in the Que Hay de Nuevo, Texas is showing some true colors with recent laws and Las Pochas have an opinion or two. 

Las Pochas packed up their gear and headed out of the garage and into a farm.... a mushroom farm. Yup, that's right Full Circle Mushrooms is a woman-owned farm cultivating mushrooms in the arid borderlands. Join Las Pochas for this fascinating wiri wiri!

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