Las Pochas are taking a breather and getting ready to kick off a new season of Pocha Podcast refreshed and listas for all new adventures and Wiri Wiris. This Best Of is a replay of September 2020's Latinx Heritage Month. Disfrutan!

Las Pochas are taking a much-needed breather! While they rest their voices, here's a replay of October 2020's wiri wiri talking Equal Pay Day and getting what you're worth. 

Las Pochas have a guest this episode and talk about the intersection of assimilation and being brown from a Hawaiian perspective. Plus Las Pochas chop up what cray is happening in the Que Hay de Nuevo. And there was a lot!

Gather round the fire, Pocha Podcast listeners, as we look back at our relationship we had with 2020. In this wiri wiri, we burn the bad and highlight the good before we breakup with the year and move on to 2021. 

Anything for Selenas.... This month, Las Pochas hash out Netflix's Selena show and introduce the world to Charlene's Christmas Freak Tree. In the Que Hay de Nuevo, join them in breaking out a bottle and playing a round of Tragos, Pocha style.

Las Pochas have done the hard work in their pajamas from their couches researching some of the best places on the interwebs to get gifts for familia and amigos. We give you our Pocha Picks for the holidays. 

It's November and Las Pochas are talking turkey about a new administration and new ways to celebrate the upcoming holidays. And speaking of turkey, the Que Hay de Nuevo is all about the comida... meal kits delivered to your door.  

Chump change. Latinas earn just 55 cents for every dollar a white, non-Latino male makes. Las Pochas talk Equal Pay Day and our worth in American society. 

Octubre is birthday month for one of the Pochas. So to celebrate getting older, Las Pochas talk about getting wiser. Also, have you heard there's an election going on? Voting can't be avoided in 2020, at least as a topic. And the Que Hay de Nuevo is all about juice and tunes on a skateboard. Join the fun!

We're halfway through Latinx Heritage Month and Las Pochas pay tribute to strong women including Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor and Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. And of course Las Pochas couldn't leave out Cardi B and Dolores Huerta. Because strong women. 

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